Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Hug and a Blessing

My day at the market yesterday. But first--I forgot to mention that our shipment finally came this week--it has been like Christmas unpacking our clothes-music-kitchen, and BED! It is too soft and squshy for Bob now that he has gotten used to a harder bed. I wasn't feeling too great this week --so it was nice to stay home most of the time and unpack.

Back to market--it has been in the 5o's and 60's--so nice cool weather--with rain off and on. When I was almost to the market--pulling my cart, there was quite an older couple --now you don't see older couples very often here at all. They had set up on the street a few boxes and were selling some vegtables that I found out they had grown in their garden. I stopped to buy some stuff--but it takes me a while (language issues). Anyway another little older man--wearing a tweed jacket and cap stopped to buy some cucumbers--so I let him go ahead of me. He was so grateful and almost jolly--you don't see too many jolly Russians--who are not drinking. He then was trying to help me understand the woman --he was just so cute and jolly and gave me a side hug as he left. Then I finished buying cucumbers, beautiful beets, some greens? and I think turnips and something else--some kind of root vegtable that she showed me she had dug from the ground. So I ended up buying quite a bit--it was a little over 5 dollars worth. She was so grateful--she touched my shoulder and then make the sign of the cross and touched my shoulder again--saying something--and I felt she had blessed me for buying so much from her. It brought tears to my eyes and as I walked away--I was so grateful for these two humble acts of kindness. . These are the people I love to meet and when I most feel God's love for me and for the wonderful people of Russia.


  1. Thank you for sharing this sweet experience. I can just picture you there, with the spirit communicating between you and the people who you met at the market.

  2. Thanks KLynn and Bob...I've been waiting for more posts! I loved them both!!! Keep it up. Sure love you.

  3. I can see that you are now experiencing that special love and feeling about the people of the former Soviet Union that I have felt in my heart for so many years. If there is nothing else, that feeling you describe and experience you talked about is the reason I always want to go back to Russia. In the midst of so much sadness, gloominess, oppression, and horrific things that are on the streets there every day, the light of Christ is truly there, and it is so simple and quiet and beatiful, that all the magistrates, businesmen, and merchants pass by and miss this inner beauty that is the true heart of Russia. I am so happy for both of you and look forward to your visit in Salt Lake City soon!