Monday, August 2, 2010

Heat and Smog Wave!!

Here is the view from the bridge I walk over on my way to the market--It has locks on this river to allow big tug boats and such--it's beautiful isn't it. The sad thing is that over 1,000 people have drowned in the rivers around Moscow this summer trying to escape the heat. It is a combination of not knowing how to swim and drunkenness.

As some of you may have read in the news--Moscow has had a record breaking hot summer--hotter than any before in history--go figure. We were told before we came that last summer it rarely got over the 80s--that it was in the 60s and 70s a lot. July is also one of the wettest months--so when we packed our suitcases we didn't quite plan on this weather!! We still haven't got our shipment(though we found out it arrived in Moscow last Friday!!--so maybe in
a week or two we may have it) --anyway--we don't have a lot of "summer wear". Last week Bob read that the air quality was 10 times the dangerous level. Not so great to go out in--but last Thursday night the wind blew and it helped blow a lot of it out, but this morning it smelled of smoke again. I guess there are a lot of forest and peat fires outside of Moscow--so the smell and smog is from them. We are out of milk and food--so I will need to walk to the market still.

The top picture is from a cathedral in St Sergei Pasaud--the next of Bob and I at the July 4th celebration at the American Ambassador's residence in Moscow.

Last Saturday night we went to a ballet--Gazel(sp?). The Bolshoi is closed for renovation--so it was at another theater by there and with a second tier dancing group. They had a live orchestra and the 2 leads were very good--the only problem was that there was no air conditioning--every one was fanning themselves vigorously and I felt so bad for the dancers---wow--it was so--so hot! I am embarrassed to say that we left at intermission--we --in our less than "summer wear" couldn't take it. Shopping isn't that great here--it is very expensive--so we keep on waiting for our shipment.

Most the time the way to get around Moscow is the Metro. It is a bit out of date and loud--but some of the stations are really beautiful. They have murals and carvings, chandeliers and such. There still is a lot of walking done here--but the metro is usually the fastest way to get around.
The traffic can be pretty horrendous and the drivers--I can't compare to any that I have seen--maybe 10 times worse than NY taxi drivers!! If traffic is going slow--motorbikes and cars will speed up in between the lanes, off on the sides--over on the sidewalks--wherever they can find a hole--and I mean hole!! Very aggressive drivers.


  1. Sounds like Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    It's amazing how different countries function differently on so many levels.

    We miss you guys, and I look forward to following your experiences on this blog!


  2. Is is so good to hear from both of you! The Lord had chosen the right couple to help in that part of the world - you are both such hard working, dedicated servants of the Lord. I walk by your house and it seems strange not to have you there. We miss you. I look forward to your next post.
    Charlotte Madsen

  3. The heat sounds miserable, all right! Hopefully you will get your summer-wear before it turns winter! I am loving all the news and pictures. Thank you!

  4. This blog is great! The driving sounds alot like Jeddah and Riyadh Saudi Arabia when i spent time there, most people thought driving dirictly over the line (USA lane marker) was a good idea and left turns on a 6 lane city street from far right lane was ok as long as you were fast. Even the market photo reminds me of the markets of Saudi , Egypt, and Turky although they always smelled so good because of the spice vender stalls but when you got close to the fish vender stalls, it was not a good experience - aromatic or visual. New cultures are exciting to experience, hope you have some fun while dealing with realities of Russan life. Take care and may God bless you both.

  5. Thank you for sending us the link to your blog! We've been anxious to hear about your adventures in Moscow. It's so nice to see the pictures, too. We love you and think of you often.

  6. Really?! That hot! Wow, we hear of that heat but I didn't realize it was that bad. Sorry that you have to go through that!