Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dear Friends and Family,

We have been here for a month, and with the help of a son-in-law-Scott, we have this new blog. Now the trick is figuring out how to use it. I will start small at first and see if I can make this work.
We have had a very interesting few weeks. Bob is loving his work--it is so varied and sooo different than what he did in Salt Lake as a lawyer. He has been working very hard on trying to work out all the legal bugs to make sure the Kyiv Temple will be ready to open the end of August. It has been a bit of a headache for him--so we continue to pray that it will all come together. We still have not got our shipment--Russia upped their tariff prices--but unfortunately the word did not get back to Salt Lake--then once it did there is a backup and everyone is behind. We are living in a partially furnished townhouse, so we are doing fine. We did buy a knife but other than that we're doing okay. We may throw our clothes out when our shipment arrives--but you do start realizing how much you can live without though. I walk to a market a couple of times a week to get food--though the heat here lately has made it harder. Yesterday it broke the all time high temperature ever! And they are not really equipped for this--a lot of buildings are not air conditioned. Our townhouse bedrooms are--thank goodness--but the main floor and kitchen are not--and the hot water pipes run through the floors. So cooking in the kitchen on hot floors will be wonderful in the winter--but it's a bit warm for now. I was called as Relief Society president a day and a half after we arrived here--but after the shock wore off--I realize it has been so good for me to help me get involved and meet people and keep busy. Here are some pictures from our first few weeks in Moscow!! Sorry--I can't seem to get more than the one picture of me at our market. I will have to consult my technical support--ie--my "kids"!