Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter in Russia

Some of the Philippine women and single sisters in our branch--for Easter dinner.

Russian Church by us. Midnight --Saturday night-Easter services that I went to. He would chant -Christ is Risen--to which we would say-- Indeed He has Risen--all in Russian of course!! It was


  1. I should have said that the pretty Philippine woman on the right--is my first counselor in RS. She is the sweetest! It was her 10th wedding anniversary that day--she had talked to her husband and children before church--but I still cried when she told me. These woman come here to earn money for their families because the economic conditions in the Philippines is so bad. They come for 2-5 years--maybe going back to visit once or twice--sometimes a bit more. They are really faithful and wonderful women--who are trying to help their children have a better education ---but it is a real sacrifice for all.

  2. I have an amazing friend in Seattle who is Phillippino and her mother worked in Hong Kong for years so she could go to school. What a sacrifice.

    You looked beautiful by the way Mom. I love you and can't wait to see you!

  3. So fun to see your pictures and hear from you. We love you! Things are great here--and a little warmer!